I will always happily answer any and all questions that you have about your session, pricing and any other details that may come to mind. Hopefully this page can be a quick reference and starting place for you though. 


What kind of products come with the credits in my package?

You will be able to select the following kinds of products with your credit. I can always custom order other products that you may not see listed as well. So don't hesitate to inquire for additional items! 

  • Medium and High Resolution fully Edited and retouched Digital images
  • Prints ranging in size from wallet sized to large wall art
  • Photobooks
  • Sticky Album Phone Applications
  • Greeting cards
  • Canvas Wraps

What is the different between low, medium and high resolution digital images?

All packages come with your complete gallery of edited digital images sized for web sharing (low resolutuion). This means you will be able to freely share them on social media platforms and through email. You may also be able to make 3x5 sized prints with them but nothing larger.

Medium resolution digital images are great for making smaller sized prints and products. So if you plan to only make prints that are around 11x14 or smaller (as many people do) this size works perfectly.

High resolution images are necessary for prints and products larger than 11x14. This is something to consider when you are deciding how you would like to use your credit that comes with your package. 

We are having a newborn session. What should we do to prepare for this? 

Newborn sessions are fairly organic in how they evolve. With our best intentions and preparations to have a quiet, sleeping baby, this doesn't always happen. Here are some things you can do to prepare in the best way possible for our session:

  • Try to feed, change and comfort the baby prior to the session. If they can be sleeping for most or all of the session will help it to run smoothly. If the baby needs to be fed or comforted during the session we will take the time for this. 
  • If we are having the session in your home, try to prepare the space by clearing any clutter from the areas we will be creating images together in. Also, try to have the heat on so that the baby is not cold and uncomfortable.
  • Have any special items that you would like to incorporate into the session ready for use. (Blankets, stuffed animals, clothing and accessories). 
  • If we are photographing you and other family members with your new baby, decide what you will be wearing ahead of time and try to coordinate. I recommend wearing neutral color schemes and nothing too bright. Soft colors are beautiful so don't be afraid to add a little color, but avoid bold patterns or items with logos on them. Also avoid bulky jewelry and watches. 
  • Consider having a manicure ahead of time since your hands may be visible in many of the images. 

I am having a Headshot Session. How should I prepare? 

In our pre-session consultation we will determine whether we will be doing a studio or on-location session. This can help determine the style and approach for our photos. Here are some things to consider:

  • If we are doing any full-body or 3/4 images you should dress from head-to-toe. This means you consider you full appearance. Otherwise if we are just doing upper body images it doesn't matter so much what you are wearing below. 
  • Feel free to bring some wardrobe options so we can mix and match what you are wearing to create different looks and also to pair with different backdrop colors if we are doing a session in the studio. 
  • Don't be afraid of bold colors if they match your personality or work well with the image you are trying to present. While I wouldn't suggest wearing bright colors from head-to-toe, a little pop of color in your accessories or a shirt can be really wonderful. 
  • Avoid bold patterns, logos (unless they are your company logo of course), bulky jewelry or items in your hair that might be distracting.
  • If you are wearing make-up, apply it a bit heavier than you normally might so that it will read in the images. 
  • Have your hair styled ahead of time. 
  • If you wear glasses as part of your daily life we will have you wear them in your session. I know ways to work around having a glare reflect on your glasses so no need to worry. 
  • Having headshots does not mean you should rush out to the tanning booth or get a spray-tan! 

Our family Session is coming up. What do you suggest we do to prepare? 

A family session should be fun and is best when all of the participants are on board. I realize this doesn't always work out in exactly this way but if we can collectively prepare everyone ahead of time it should run smoothly. 

  • Decide what you will all be wearing ahead of time. Select a color palette that you like and work each person's outfit around that scheme. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas for what to wear and how to find appealing colors that go together. 
  • Avoid clothing with logos and bold patterns (although plaid can be nice). Remove sports watches, ball caps or bulky jewelry or items that might be a distraction in your images. Gym shoes (even for children) do not always look attractive in photos either. 
  • Boots, knit sweaters, scarves, headbands, ties, suspenders and other accessories that provide depth and texture to your overall look can be really beautiful! 
  • Try to have your children fed and comfortable during the session. Please wipe faces of food if they eat during the session. 
  • During the session allow me to direct the group. Do not worry if your children are not "smiling for the camera." I know lots of tricks to help them have fun. If you have ideas of kinds of shots you would like to try and get in the moment please feel free to make suggestions. 
  • No cell phone or other photos should be taken during our session. This can be a distraction to the work and people get confused as to which camera they should be directing their efforts towards. 
  • Try to arrive at least ten minutes early to the session so that we are all ready to go and have time to mingle briefly ahead of time. 

What do we do if we have bad weather or need to reschedule? 

If the weather is such that it isn't safe to have a session or would truly be impossible to shoot in we will cancel and reschedule with no issue. Keep in mind though that some of the best images are created when it isn't a bright sunny day. So if it is possible to still have our session we should avoid cancelling. Other unexpected things do come up (sickness etc) so if we need to reschedule we can do this one time with out any additional fees. If you reschedule a second time there will be a $50 fee since I will have reserved the time for you twice and been unable to book another client at that time.